Determine gender, race/ ethnicity, veteran status, age and more information of a person.

Test for free how our API can determine missing diversity data like gender, race/ ethnicity, veteran status and age based on a person's full name and résumé.

Diversity API

Determine the gender and ethnicity of a person.

A simple API to classify the gender and race/ ethnicity of a person given their full name. The API will return gender as female and male, and ethnicity as black, hispanic, asian, arab, native american, pacific islander or white.

The API is free for up to 100 names/day. No sign up or API key needed. So go ahead and try it out.



The request will render a response like the following:
    "fullname": "camila alejandra cortez",
    "gender": "female",
    "gender probability": "0.9",
    "ethnicity": "hispanic",
    "ethnicity probability": "0.7"

Diversity+ API

Determine the gender, race/ ethnicity + age, veteran status and more of a person.

A simple REST API to classify the gender, race/ ethnicity, age and veteran status of a person given their full name and résumé.
The API is free for up to 100 calls/day. Contact us with your request and we'll send you the Diversity+ API details.

Rate Limits

Managing the rate limits of the API.

If you need to check more than 100 names/day you need to obtain an API key by contacting us.

The key should be appended to every request like the following.


To keep track of the number of calls you have left for a given time period, you can use the HTTP X-Rate headers returned in the response.
  • X-Rate-Limit-Limit: 100
  • The amount of calls available in the current time window.
  • X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: 42
  • The number of calls left in the current time window.
  • X-Rate-Reset: 15281
  • Seconds remaining until a new time window opens.

Use Cases

What our users are using diversity data for

Here are some examples of things our enterprise customers are doing with the enrichment of diversity data.

Break the “Build a Business Case” Bias

One of the most heard phrases from HR is “We want to build a business case to try blind hiring, diversity recruitment, etc.”

The reason is because often there's s no factual diagnosis re:

  • what issues there are in the hiring process,
  • how big they are,
  • and how much of an effect current measures are having.

Our API helps build that case beyond doubt. Now you can make a crystal clear business case for investing in new solutions and pilot programs. Based on facts.

How A.I can help Diversify talent sourcing

Using our API you can now see what skills hiring managers look for and widen your talent pool by including transferable skills and talents that match job requirements.

A focus on skills leads to more diversity, because the hiring criteria are exactly the same for each and every candidate, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, age, or anything else.

Our DiversityData API will help you figure out what experiences and skill sets were hired for and recommends searches and words for your recruiters to use going forward.

Reducing "Analysis Paralysis" bias

A core pillar of modern HR is data analysis. Data is a powerful conversation starter, but it can also lead to us getting lost in all the noise.

Our API helps you design better functioning workplaces, by helping to understand how key moments in your hiring process work.

Measure the diversity of talent pipelines with 100% complete diversity data of your candidate populations. Know exactly where talent drops off and understand how to fix what is broken. Like a surgeon.


Integrate with your existing tools and systems

You can easily integrate our API with your existing systems and tools.
Integrate using API to enrich candidate populations

Supported systems: Workday, Greenhouse, Workday, Jobvite and other systems with an API.

Want to enrich candidates within your HRIS? Contact us. We'll help you get started.

Diversity Data in Google Sheets

Diversity API can be integrated into Google Sheets to enrich all your records.

Use this Google Sheets tool and replace the first, middle and last names with your own list. Need help? Contact us. We'll help you set it up.

Enrich your CSV file

A REST API for Diversity API is available to enrich all your records contained in .csv files

Want to enrich .csv files? Feel free to contact us. We'll help you get started.